Risk and Compliance Simplified

Struggling with manual processes, complex GRC software, or thinking about automation?

Empower your organisations by streamlining processes and enhancing visibility, ensuring effortless regulatory compliance


A central GRC platform to create, edit and monitor Risks and Actions

Legislation Library

Option to build legal register from our list of libraries and get notified when there are new updates to the legislations

Risk Management

Risk Identification and assessment with connecting mitigation to be tracked to completion and assess risk statuses

Incident Management

Incident Management

Efficiently raise, investigate, manage issues/incidents, and mitigation actions through the issue module and enhance compliance.

Action Center

Multiple features for precise action management with workflow approval process and timely notifications


Dynamic reports with fixed and custom filters with various other loaded features.

Why choose us

An Australian-based business with over 20 years of industry experience and domain knowledge in the Risk and Compliance space, we have created the #1 GRC platform to effectively manage your compliance needs.

Comprehensive Risk Management System

Digitising the manual processes of Risk Register and Legal Register for maintaining your management system.

Continuous Monitoring

Connecting controls and mitigations to an action center to allow for consistent monitoring and status update for risk and compliance activities.

Cost Savings

Achieve operational efficiency and lower costs with our software’s automation, no setup fees, and competitive pricing.

Robust Reporting

Dashboard as well as reporting for exception and progress reporting. Organisation level as well as department and location level reporting. Giving true visibility.


“Would be really useful for consultants who require software to compliment their services to their clients”

Senior Safety Consultant (WA)
Health and Safety Practitioner

“Lahebo is a simple, great software. It really has all the features of a risk and compliance software”

Manningham City Council
Health and Safety Practitioner

“Lahebo is user-friendly and simple to use”

TWL Group
Health and Safety Practitioner

“Lahebo would work well for safety consultants who can include the software as part of their solutions. Really looking forward to the incident and audit modules of the software.”

Senior Consultant

“Pre-populated risks and compliance tool (based on a business’s risk profile) based on Industry data for Industries would help us save time and effort using the software. Lahebo would be good for multisite/franchisee organisations.”

Head of People, Culture and Compliance

“Essential as part of quality and safety management systems work. This is a no brainer to have an user-friendly software like this for an SME like us, which will save cost and time for internal quality and safety team”.



Simple Subscriptions


For small businesses managing risk and compliance in the business


For growing businesses with multiple sites with up to 10 users managing risk and compliance activities


For medium to large organisations with up to 30 users managing risk and compliance activities


For larger teams, contact us today. We will work with you to provide a subscription model that works for your business

*Same features for all plans, pricing varies with the number of users


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