Action Management

Plan, Organize, Create controls or Actions in
Action Centre

Action centre enables you to create actions, assign to action owner and monitor the actions in an effective way. Some of the key features are:

Create Connected or Standalone Actions

Actions can be created in the Action centre as an action connected to an existing risk or it can be standalone. Once created, it can be sent to get approved or rejected, execute that action, and closed after completion.

Organize Actions or controls Effectively

You can mitigate your risks by creating multiple actions to manage your controls Tasks or actions better. Also, you can assign an action to an action owner and fix deadlines to complete the assigned action.

Track Actions through Dashboard

Actions can be tracked effectively through Action Dashboard specific for Action management. Statuses of the actions like Open, In review, Approved etc., can be tracked for multiple departments and locations.


Other Features of Lahebo

Legislation Library

Option to build legal register from our list of libraries and get notified when there are new updates to the legislations

Risk Management

Risk Identification and assessment with connecting mitigation to be tracked to completion and assess risk statuses


Dynamic reports with fixed and custom filters with various other loaded features.

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