Lahebo is the new name of  Risk and Compliance management, and your business should take note of this platform. A brainchild of Anita Patturajan and co-founded by Isaac Patturajan, Lahebo is gearing for a soft launch to offer a single platform for your Company’s Risk and Compliance management.

Many businesses fail to assure compliance with corporate governance policies and litigation, which is a critical undertaking for them. With huge, fragmented and siloed data, many organisations face challenges like proper data storage, security, and management. Furthermore, these struggles become complex with an increase in the data volumes and varieties. Hence, companies require risk and compliance management applications like Lahebo.

Who are We?

Lahebo is a soon-to-be-launched software that will make risk and compliance management hassle-free for businesses in Australia. It is a paid application software that will offer clients a central platform to report risks, manage and share data across various departments, create and manage reports on risks, and ensure their processes comply with the business standards. We aim to simplify the complex workplace structures and provide risk and compliance management in real-time.

Issues faced by businesses

The various workplace issues that reduce productivity include complex security networks, time-consuming procedures, lack of organisation and coordination between different departments, multiple sheets used for risk assessment, no documentation of processes, etc.

1. Organisational

No documentation of complex work processes and IT systems have hand-held user manuals. IT systems are complex to understand.

2. Security threats

Security systems of businesses face cyber threat issues that can compromise systems and sensitive company data. A lack of systematic risk assessment leads to multiple spreadsheets and no systematic record. Hence, it is difficult to overcome system risks across various departments. Many can go unnoticed and attract cyber-attacks, and data breaches that can hamper reputation.

3. Compliance issues

Since organisations are not able to track risks systematically, they face compliance challenges and are unable to meet the requirements of legislative policies. This can lead to severe damage and even the shutting down of enterprises.

Not complying with the legislative standards can cause legal proceedings, damage the reputation of a company, and reduce trust among customers.

4. Psychological

Complying with legislative changes is considered an extra constraint by businesses. It adds to the psychological pressure of risk assessment and management and updating management systems as per the changing legislative policies.

5. Financial

Risk and Compliance management costs businesses financially as the amounts incurred alone on compliance are quite high. This is one of the reasons many companies do not have a risk and compliance management system.

Hence, businesses require a central platform like Lahebo that will offer risk and compliance management in one place while taking care of the various issues faced.

Benefits of Lahebo

1. Central place to report possible risks and keep a systematic record on the same.

2. Transparency of data.

3. Easy to check if the work processes comply with the standard policies.

4. Multiple spreadsheets for risk assessment are replaced by one single platform that will be shared across the organisation.

5. Notification of Legislative updates.

6. While you manage your risks and comply with regulations, you can improve business processes. This helps you increase operational performance and transparency and break down silos.

7. Simplify complex work processes.

8. You won’t have to check multiple places for information.

9. Documentation of risks, work processes and compliance policies in one place.

10. Get true visibility across your organisation.

What makes Lahebo stand out

1. The user interface of Lahebo is designed to provide ease of access to our clients.

2. A systematic risk and compliance management that is easy to understand.

3. A responsive customer care to tackle queries.

4. Cost-effective packages for organisations and their employees.

5. User manuals and blogs on our products.

6. We have our Boutique consultancy Anitech that will offer paid information security solutions to enhance management systems that will make an organisation eligible to get ISO 27001 certified.

To offer Australian businesses a central Risk and Compliance management platform, Lahebo is gearing for a soft be soon available to the clients.

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