Legislation Library

Configure, Subscribe, and Get updates for federal or
State Laws in Legislation Library

Legislation Library in Lahebo contains the repository of Federal and state legislations, Acts and Standards that are necessary to stay compliant in day-to-day business activities. Some of the unique features of Legislation library are:

Subscribe to Legislations for updates

Subscribed induvial legislation will get notifications in Lahebo when there are changes made to it from legal organisations or Government agencies. There is also a separate section in the legislation library to view and manage subscribed Legislations in Lahebo.

Create Legal Registers

You can create legal registers for the subscribed Legislations and connect to your organization’s location and ISO standard. The Legal register can be marked as compliant or non-compliant and specific actions / controls can be added to it.

Link Legal register with Risk Register

Created Legal Register can be linked to a Risk Register in the Risk Register Module to have a better track of Risk compliance and to monitor the legislations of an operation.


Other Features of Lahebo

Action Center

Multiple features for precise action management with workflow approval process and timely notifications

Risk Management

Risk Identification and assessment with connecting mitigation to be tracked to completion and assess risk statuses


Dynamic reports with fixed and custom filters with various other loaded features.

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