Risk Register

Identify, Assess, Monitor and Track
your Organization Risks All in one place.

Risk Register is the single destination for managing your Organization’s Risks that could potentially impact your organization or project. There are several features in Risk Register, that will cater all your organization’s compliance needs.

Manage Risks your way

You can either raise or create a potential risk and send it to get approved. Once approved, you can capture the likelihood and consequences of the risk and enter Inherent Risk score (before Mitigation) and Residual Risk Score (after Mitigation). You can also connect your legal Register which is compliant to this Risk.

Strategize Risk Mitigation

You can mitigate or minimize your risks by creating actions or controls from your potential risks. Assign to the person who is responsible to complete that action. Action assigned through a risk will be created Automatically in the Action Management Module.

Monitor and Track Risks Efficiently

Risk Management is an on-going process, and you can monitor and assess your risks efficiently through the Dashboard. The Risk heat map in dashboard will display the configured Risk Matrix with the count of inherent risk available in the Risk Register and one can review the risks based on Risk severity (Low, Medium, Moderate and Extreme).


Other Features of Lahebo

Legislation Library

Option to build legal register from our list of libraries and get notified when there are new updates to the legislations

Action Center

Multiple features for precise action management with workflow approval process and timely notifications


Dynamic reports with fixed and custom filters with various other loaded features.

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